Well, I guess it's time the secret came out...

I’m a New Yorker living in (and loving) Boston. I was born and raised in the Hudson Valley, New York but after a trip to Boston in high school and scribbling in my diary "When I grow up I want to live in Boston...." something magical happened. Ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, 10 years later the stars aligned and Boston became my new home! 


But while you're here, grab a cup of joe and let me fill you in what happened in the time between the diary scribble and how I got to be where I am today...


In 2016 I graduated Cum Laude from The College of Saint Rose with my Bachelor of Science in Music Education studying under Flute Professor, Dr. Yvonne Chavez Hansbrough. I loved every second of my time there. In addition to my busy schedule as a music student, I was also a resident assistant for 3 years and P.R. for the positivity club I ran with my best friends. So you can say I've been a personal cheerleader and hype girl for years

When I started my senior year of college something happened... I realized that I no longer wanted to be the band teacher I set out to be. Talk about yikes. 

While it was terrifying at the time to think I wasted 3 years of my college degree on something I didn't want to do anymore, it was really a blessing in disguise. Listen, I LOVE educating others, I love music (especially classical music) but standing in front of a group of high schoolers no longer felt like a good time for me. 

So I did what made the most sense at the time: I went to grad school for flute performance in ... Boston! While I was in school, I started an internship at Flutistry Boston and immediately fell in love with marketing for the flute/classical music world. 

I was so passionate about it and it became clear that that's what I wanted to do. So you know what I did next? I quit grad school (scandalous, I know) and was hired as a full-time Marketing Associate. During my time there I created content for social media, managed the website, ran the live stream for performances, and interacted with incredible flutists from all over the world! It was amazing. 

Flash forward to today (seriously, grab a second cup of coffee if you're still reading this): after a few months of freelancing on my own, I teamed up with Nicole Riccardo and Jolene Madewell to form NR Media, a marketing agency for musicians and creative freelancers. When we realized that our strengths together were even stronger combined than they were apart, it only made sense to create a digital dream team! It has been nothing short of exciting and I am thrilled to take on a new role of social media management, headshot photography, and website design!  You can check out our boss babe site here: www.nicolericcardomedia.com

Being involved in my community is incredibly important to me. Not only am I able to connect with an even greater group of people, but I also am able to give back to others by using my skillset. I am proud to be the former Webmaster for Flute New Music Consortium and the Director of Engagement for Promenade Opera Project!

When I’m not doing music-related things or helping to run a digital empire, I can be found exploring different parts of Boston, baking different kinds of pies, running off said pie, practicing yoga, and finding all of the cutest coffee shops! And watching old episodes of Parks & Rec, because who doesn't need a Leslie Knope in their life?


I enjoy connecting with others, whether it’s music-related or another shared passion. I believe it’s important to learn from others, form inclusive communities, and build a supportive tribe, so you bet that I’m here to support you! As the great Leslie Knope says, “No one achieves anything alone.”


I would love to get to know you and what I can do to bring your visions to life! Feel free to email me or connect with me on social media!


Image by Natanja Grün


If you're going to trust me to design your website, you should probably know all of the extra important details about me!


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Taylor Rossi is a Boston based digital marketer for classical musicians and creative freelancers. Her services include headshot photography, website design, and social media marketing.