Headshots For Musicians & Creatives

You've spent years becoming an expert in your craft, what do you need a professional headshot for? 

It's simple: headshots are the gateway to marketing yourself. They can be used for your website, social media, posters, LinkedIn, dating apps - kidding! (am I though?), and to make you feel like the BOSS that you are. 

My style of headshots are warm, candid, and inviting. I don't believe in stern or serious photos because life is too fricken hard to be serious all the time. 

As musicians and creatives, I believe you should be inviting and community-based. By showing these qualities in photos + capturing your amazing personality, these photos will say more than the best-crafted caption. Idk, maybe I'm biased.  

If you've never had headshots taken before and feel extra nervous about it -BEEN THERE. Taking first-time headshots is my specialty! Check out the pictures below - most of them are first time sessions, don't they look like pros? 

If you're ready for this, then so am I!




Sessions & Pricing

  • 1 hour photoshoot: $300

  • 2 hour photoshoot: $500



  • Boston Public Garden

  • Beacon Hill, Seaport

  • Charles River Esplanade

  • Open to locations you are interested in!

Ready for your close up?

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