Headshots for Musicians and Creatives

You've spent years becoming an expert in your craft, what do you need a professional headshot for? 

It's simple: headshots are the gateway to marketing yourself. They can be used for your website, social media, posters, LinkedIn, dating apps - kidding! (am I though?), and to make you feel like the BOSS that you are. 

Meet your photographer:

Hi, I'm Taylor aka the lady behind the lens! I know just how uncomfortable it can be to have your photos taken -- your shoulders raise to your ears, you feel anything like yourself, and you swear to never get headshots taken again because you'd rather being doing anything else...


Sound familiar? 

That's exactly why I focus on making your experience as comfortable as possible so not only can you have a fun time, but your authenticity shows through in your photos!

Want to see what I'm talking about? Keep scrolling to see examples!


Headshot Examples

For more examples, check out the blog!  

Location Options

Boston Public Garden

Beacon Hill

Boston Seaport

Location requests available, too!​

If you've never had headshots taken before and feel extra nervous about it


I have been there, too!

Taking first-time headshots is my specialty! You wouldn't know it, but most of my clients had their first ever headshot session with me! Don't they look like seasoned pros? 

Pick your session:

20 Minute Session

5 photos 


40 Minute Session

15 photos 


60 Minute Session

30+ photos 


*photoshoots outside of Boston will include a travel fee based on mileage

Still feeling nervous about a session? Check out what some of my clients have said about their experiences!

Taylor is super creative with angles and has a great eye for the shot. I felt like the vibe I was going for completely shone through with how she shot the pictures, and how the colors turned out as well. She is incredibly clear, professional and easy to work with.

Ready for the most fun photo session of your life? 

I can't wait - it's going to be so a hoot and a half!