Dacker Music | Website Design for Composer

Back in April I had the chance to design a website through NR Media for composer and arranger, Rick Brown. After our first phone call, we instantly bonded over where Dacker Music gets it's name from -- the Adirondacks! Rick shared that those from that area of Upstate, NY are referred to as "Dackers." As a former New Yorker myself and having worked at a summer music camp in that area, the name filled me with so much joy throughout the entire project.




We wanted to design a website that truly reflected Rick's love for the mountains and his composition style. Since Rick had a large library of music ranging from solo organ to church choir to high school band and more, keeping the design clean to not take away from the compositions was key.

The other consideration for the design was to make it as easy as possible to navigate. The goal for website visitors was to set up the navigation so they could find the genre they're looking for without having to dig through pages and pages of music. This is where it truly helped to be a musician myself -- being able to think like a consumer as if I was shopping for sheet music came in handy! This is one of the biggest reasons I love working with other musicians: because I truly understand how they operate and what classical musician consumers need. If you're looking for fantastic new arrangements and compositions for classical works, I highly recommend Dacker Music. To see the full site, visit www.dackermusic.com! Are you ready to bring your visions to life, grow your online presence as an artist, and make money doing what you love? Now accepting new website designs for classical musicians, composers, and creatives! Contact me here for more information!