The New (Free) Instagram Story Apps You Need to Know About

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In the past, creating beautiful, professional content for social media was both time consuming and expensive. Check out these 5 free apps that will cut your editing time in half and grab your followers' attention!

1. Tezza

This app is your new best friend for creating a consistent and aesthetically pleasing feed. The variety of presets compliment each other so no matter which one you use, your feed will stay on brand.

2. Canva

In the past you may have used Canva to create posters, Facebook ads, or your Pinterest covers - they recently came out with an app so you can now create and edit on the go! This app is great for creating Instagram story highlights with their wide assortment of icons and graphics.

3. Unsplash

When you don't have time to take your own artsy flat lays, Unsplash is here to save the day! All of the photos on here are not only absolutely stunning, but free! They're always adding new ones so you don't have to worry about using the same stock photo as 5 other bloggers. Unsplash is available as both an app and website so you can download photos right to your phone or computer.

4. Mojo

Mojo is the newest Instagram story app creating a buzz in the social media world. This app takes your static text and images and turns them into animated stories instantly grabbing your followers' attention.

5. Unfold

Not to be confused with Unsplash, Unfold is a great app for designing stories that include an image + text. Creating detailed, but quick promotional materials for Instagram stories just got easier than ever!

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