Gaby Alvarado Flutist & Teacher | Website Design for Classical Musicians

Are you a 🌈 or a 🖤 kinda of person? ⁣ ⁣

If you ever met Gabriela Alvarado you KNOW she’s all about bold bright colors and her shiny, brand new website reflects just that! ⁣




Ms. Alvarado has an incredible mission to bring classical music to those who might not experience it. Through her teaching artistry, recitals in nontraditional locations, and projects to bring awareness to female and minority composers, she is one of the most incredible people I know. She finds ways of connecting music to everyone and everything. When designing Gaby's website, we focused on making it as "her" as possible. Simply put: adding as many bold colors as possible! She's not one to wear black or pastels, so why should her website include that? It was such a creative challenge to bring as many pops of color to her site while also keeping it modern, sleek, and clean. To see the full site, visit! Are you ready to bring your visions to life, grow your online presence as an artist, and make money doing what you love? Now accepting new website designs for classical musicians! Contact me here for more information!