How Mindfulness Made Me a Better Musician

Let’s face it, being a classical musician is EXHAUSTING. The learning never stops and it can be so hard to accept where you are when there are so many other musicians in your area/the world who can feel like they’re better than you. Does this sound like something you've experienced? Well then we are already more alike than you know, my friend.

Feeling like you’re behind, inadequate, or inferior is a terrible feeling! That’s when I discovered mindfulness. Over the last couple years I have participated in a few 30 day yoga challenges through Youtube and practiced yoga on and off, but always inconsistently. I always felt better after I completed the practice, but I never really thought about making it a regular part of my life. This is the year that changed it all. After I finished this year’s 30 day challenge, I realized that I ultimately felt lighter, more present, and had built inner strength. When I finally realized all of the benefits of yoga, it was so much easier to go back to it on my own terms. Just like everything new in life, it's much easier to do it by your own choosing versus someone else forcing something upon you.

So if you’re looking to have the best practice session of your life here is the secret recipe:

20 mins of yoga + 3 mins of gratitude journaling = The Ultimate Practice Guru

Okay, it’s not exactly that simple, but the gist of it is, the more mindful and present you are, the better your practice session will be.

You will have:

• Less tension

• Lighter & more fluid movement • Better resonance • Sharper focus

If you can quiet the mind and find stillness, it minimizes those negative thoughts about your competition, and increases your concept of self-worth.

For those of you who are wondering what a gratitude journal is, it’s essentially a journal where you write down things you are grateful or thankful for! Example: I am thankful for my instrument, finding a practice room that doesn’t smell, and working on rep I really like. It’s whatever you want it to be, but it serves as such a great reminder of all the good that surrounds you! 10/10 would recommend.

If you're looking to start doing yoga in the comfort of your own home/jammies, one of my favorite resources is: Practice Room Yoga with Claire Howard. You can check out her website which has so many great videos and other resources!

I hope this helps and know I'm rooting for you!

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