7 Easy Ways To Get More Views On Your Website

So you've made a baller website *does a happy dance*. Now the question is, how do you get more eyes on it besides, well, just you?

If you’ve ever looked into increasing your Google ranking, you may have heard of processes like SEO, keyword research, load time, and more which are incredibly important. In fact, you can learn about how to use those to increase your google ranking here! But time is money and you might not have the time or the knowledge right now to work on your SEO. That doesn’t have to mean your website will go unseen, it just means you need to get creative. Here are 7 ways to bring new visitors to your website that you can do in under an hour!


This might be news to you, but social media is not the end goal -- your website is! Social media is a place to get social, help your followers learn who you are, what you offer, and build up a trust with you and your brand so that they ultimately feel confident in their decision to work with you. Adding your link to bio will help visitors learn even more about what you offer and help them connect with you. When you don’t include your link in bio you’re missing out on opportunities for followers to visit your website. The chance that they’ll just Google you instead until they find your site is very slim. Think about it, would you do that? Make things easy for them by using the features Instagram provides you!

2. WHEN SHARING A POST TO FACEBOOK, ADD THE LINK RIGHT INTO THE POST SO IT’S CLICKABLE One incredibly simple way to share your content across multiple platforms is by sharing posts from Instagram directly to your Facebook page. The platforms are similar but the biggest difference between the two is that you cannot include a clickable link in Instagram posts the way you can with Facebook. Rather than referring to “link in bio”, when you share your post to Facebook, take 30 seconds to add the link right into your Facebook post’s caption. Just like that, you're creating a one step process for viewers to click a link to get to your site. Win, win!


When sending out cold pitches or emailing a new client, including your website in your email signature will easily show the email recipient what company you’re contacting them from, it helps them learn more about who you are as a business, and increases the opportunity of landing new website visitors. Want to step up your email signature even more with a custom image? Learn how to do that here!

4. BLOG POSTS If you’re not updating your website content, why should visitors go back to your website? With the use of informational blog posts, you can draw new visitors in and encourage old visitors to revisit your site! Since it takes between 7-15 touch points to get a website visitor to take action, you want to bring visitors back to give them more opportunities to convert them to clients or customers, especially if you have new products or offers! When writing blog posts, be sure to do research on what topics will bring visitors in through the use of keyword research. It's also important to be consistent with your blog posts; if you're in a writing groove, write a few blog posts at once and space out the posting date to demonstrate consistency rather than posting several posts at once and then none for several months.

5. ADD YOUR WEBSITE TO PRINT MATERIALS I.E. BUSINESS CARDS, POSTERS, AND OTHER PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS You’ve done all of the hard work of designing print materials to hang up and pass out, now make sure you’re giving people a place to go and a way to contact you! Website addresses only take up a tiny bit of space so it won’t get in the way of the information you’re trying to share, it will simply act as a next step!

6. CREATE FREE DOWNLOADS ON YOUR WEBSITE AND LINK TO IT ON YOUR SOCIALS TO DRAW NEW VISITORS TO YOUR SITE While blog posts can be enticing ways of bringing visitors to your site, nothing gets people to click on a link faster when they see the word “free”! When you create free offers or downloads, don’t just create it and hope the world finds it -- share it on your socials! Want to take this to the next level? Run Facebook ads with your free downloads to widen your audience and bring in even more new visitors!

7. FIND LOCAL DIRECTORIES THAT ALLOW YOU TO LIST YOUR WEBSITE It may be easy to shop and do businesses with large corporations, but there is still value and a great deal of support in community for local businesses. If you’re a local business, find directories in the area that allow you to add your website which will help grow your name recognition in the area! Word of mouth is one of the biggest ways companies get new clients so take advantage where you can! Now go set your timer for 1 hour and see how much you can get done! Find this helpful? I would love to hear from you! Feel free to send me an email or follow me on Instagram @Taylorflute!