Daily Social Media Routine for Classical Musicians

Imagine this: instead of feeling like you have to be glued to your phone in order to have a strong, successful social media presence, you could actually live your life, grow your Instagram page, and be present. Sounds amazing, right?

The best part is, it IS possible!

Here are 6 easy steps you can use every day to optimize your post reach without spending hours on Instagram!


Think about who your target audience is - are they located near you? Different parts of the country or time zones? What time do they get up? What time do they go on Instagram? These are all questions you need to start asking yourself.

You can use Instagram metrics to figure out when the greatest percentage of your audience will be online, or you can also use your logic! If you’re targeting public school music teachers, they’re most likely going to be up at the crack of dawn and not be on their phone during the school day. If you’re targeting jazz musicians, they’re probably going to be waking up mid-afternoon, so if you post early in the morning they won’t see your 8 am post.


To optimize your post so it has the highest reach potential, use this quick checklist:

  • Add a location to each post

  • Have a strong opening line - grab your audiences’ attention!

  • Space out the caption so it’s visually easy to read; break it up with spaces instead of writing one giant paragraph that your followers probably won’t read

  • Use hashtags that are relevant to the post, but are also hashtags that you know people in your target audience will be searching for

If you’re looking to space out the captions on Instagram but still aren’t sure how to, check out this video!


The hard truth is: your target audience is not going to magically see your posts. Ridiculous, I know!

But an easy way to build strong connections with your community and bring them to your page is through engagement! Set your phone timer for 30 minutes and leave quality, thoughtful comments on their posts. You can find new pages to engage with by:

  • Engaging with the your followers who keep coming back to your posts - maintain that relationship with them!

  • Using hashtags to search for new accounts to engage with

  • Look at the pages of your followers to yours to look through their list of followers since they’ll be in your target audience

Spend some time engaging before and after your post has gone up in order to maximize the reach - one small way to succeed against the new Instagram algorithm.


You did it! You posted a fully optimized picture or video, you engaged with your audience - now don’t spend your entire day mindlessly scrolling unnecessarily after this big win.

After you’ve taken a good break in the day from Instagram, there are just a couple more things to do and then you’ll be golden!


If you really want people to come back to your posts, you MUST respond to comments.* If you “like” the comment and don’t respond or don’t respond altogether, don’t expect anyone to come back to it! When you do that, it’s like someone’s having a conversation with you and you just don’t say anything back - that’s pretty rude, right? Don’t be that person.

And let’s be realistic, you’re probably not going to have the willpower to only go on the ‘gram once a day, so break it up by doing your posting and engaging during one part of the day, and then respond to comments later in the day!

*The exception to this would be when bots comment on your posts - you know the ones I’m talking about, the “Hey gorgeous! Send us a DM, we’d love to feature you on our page!” Yeah, that’s spam so you can go right ahead and delete that.


If you want to continue maintaining a healthy relationship with social media, follow the old saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I’m serious!

When we spend 90% of our time on social media, that becomes our new reality. We can start to feel overwhelmed by socials, comparing ourselves to others, and want no part of having a presence on it. That’s why you need to create a healthy balance!

Social media isn’t the end destination so why spend all of your time on there anyway?

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear from you - feel free to send me an email or follow me on Instagram @Taylorflute!