Why You Should Use the Location Feature on Instagram Posts

You've heard it before: Location, Location, Location.

So why should adding your location to Instagram posts matter? If you are running a public personal or business account, then you will draw a lot more people in if you add a location to your posts. But numbers aren't the only reason to add your location.....

YOU BECOME MORE RELATABLE TO YOUR FOLLOWERS! Adding a location opens up conversations and allows you to engage with your followers! Wouldn’t it be great if more people used social media to connect with people (it’s intended use) rather than “hey, look at me, look what I’m doing!” When you use the location feature you begin to indirectly build a community in your area, people who have traveled there, and those looking to travel to that area. You’re basically like an unofficial travel guide, inviting people to be a part of your awesome world.

THE MORE FRIENDS THE MERRIER, YAY! When posting from a specific area consistently you are creating an opportunity to develop new friendships and relationships with others. And truthfully, who couldn’t use more friends? (If you say that you don’t have time for more friends then show yourself to the door please. Just kidding!) Every new person you meets adds value to your life in some way and you never know how you're going to meet them! I’m not saying to be friends with every person you interact with on social media in real life, but it absolutely creates an opportunity to meet people and grow your tribe. For example, I have made some wonderful flute friends whom I have only interacted with via Instagram, but who I consider to be true friends who have got my back. If you've ever attended a National Flute Association Convention you've probably seen at least 10 people you know from the #flutistsofinstagram world. The world truly is a small place.


Small and local businesses do a lot to compete with large corporations and chains, but an authentic and organic way for them to get business is from the support of the consumer. When you post a picture from a local coffee shop, book store, or a service provider, you are giving them your stamp of approval and encouraging others to do the same. With a well run social media account, this also provides an opportunity for you to collaborate with them on their products. Talk about something you love and get paid for it? Sign me up!


Raise your hand if you live in an area that is really tiny (but a hidden treasure) or a somewhere that use to be the pits and still has a lingering misconception - you may now put your hand down. If this is you, adding your location can provide your town with an opportunity to show just how great it is! In other words: prove those haters wrong. Growing up in a very rural area that always felt like there wasn’t much to do and I didn’t always appreciate it. So naturally after moving away I have seen, through pictures, all of the cool things to do in my hometown! Be an advocate for your town - it could become the next Denver or Asheville! What thoughts do you have on using social media as a tool for connection or about adding your location? I would love to hear from you - feel free to send me an email or follow me on Instagram @Taylorflute! #Blog #Blogger #TaylorRossi #TaylorRossiFlutist #Music #Musician #Flute #Flutist #SocialMediaMarketing #Instagram #Tools #Guide