You are an innovative, incredibly creative, and passionate musician. Shouldn't your website reflect that?

Because it's not just a website.

I believe your website should be authentic to you, jaw-dropping, professional, and maybe slightly, just slightly sassy. Oh, and besides being visually stunning, you deserve to have a website that converts so it's not just floating around aimlessly on the internet.

Website Design for LA Flutist and Teacher, Charlotte Betry 

Charlotte is a kind, warm human who is passionate about performing, teaching, and deeply cares for her students; I wanted her website to reflect that. This was achieved through the use of soft, warm colors, and delicate but professional font families. Visit www.charlottebetryflute.com to learn more about Charlotte and her services! 


Website Design for Baroque Flutist and Teacher, Gaby Alvarado

Gaby is a human rainbow: always wearing bright colors, incredibly positive, and always thinks of others. While we all love a classic black and white design, that did not reflect Gaby at all so her site uses multiple bright colors and clean but bold font to capture her personality! Gaby also is an innovative musician, always coming up with new programs and programs in particular that highlight minorities so it was important to us both to make sure these programs were featured in her services page.  Visit www.gabrielaalvarado.com/ to learn more about Gaby and her services! 

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Taylor Rossi is a Boston based digital marketer for classical musicians and creative freelancers. Her services include headshot photography, website design, and social media marketing.